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Bubinga Slimline Pen

A classy looking slimline pen in Bubinga, a warm looking exotic wood.  The source is recycled wood.  A great pen at a great price.

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Sierra Jatoba Pen in Chrome

A Sierra style pen in chrome finish instead of the usual gold plating.  The pen is a little thicker than the slimline style, but thinner than the Cigar.

Jatoba is a non-threatened species of tropical hardwood, with fantastic color.

Price: $45.00
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Unique Ink Dip Pen

Playing around with shape and function this ink dip pen is a unique character.  The grip is very comfortable and smooth, and should accept the standard sized ink nibs.

The wood is bit of Rosewood from scrap sources.

Price: $25.00
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Special Order 04152012

This is a special order.

4 x Paduak Wood @ $35 = $140

1 x Rosewood @ $45 = $45

5 x Koa Wood @ $35 = $175

Plus Shipping and Handling

Total $385

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